Section 7: Recording a Message



Imagine that you are an accountant in an office and you need to leave a voicemail message.  Use the scenarios  provided to prepare a voicemail message.  Study the scenario and take notes but do not write the exact expressions or words you will use (you can refer to the information; just don’t write out a script). 

Scenario Aphone only
Today is Monday November 22nd.  You need some information (a financial report called a “CRA”) in order to complete the current month-end report by Friday November 26th.  However, the report will take a couple of days to complete, so you need the information by Wednesday November 24th in the afternoon at the latest (preferably sooner).
Your manager sent you an email telling you where to get the information:
Hi _____,
The CRAs you need are in the NOVA folder.  Carl should be able to help you out with that.
As you saw in the email, Carl, your co-worker, has the information you need.  Carl is your good friend but you know that he is very busy with his work, so be polite when you make the request.  Your extension number is 267.
Scenario Bphone only
Today is Monday November 1st. You are the accountant in the Accounts Payable/Receivable department at the Edmonton Centre for Newcomers.  You recently received a bill from Alberta Electric and you are concerned that this month’s balance, $524.78, is substantially higher than usual.  The last two bills were $409.21 and $398.47, for September and October respectively.  You call the company but the person you were directed to, Darlene, is out of the office.  Leave Darlene a message with your concern and your contact information:
(Name), Edmonton Centre for Newcomers, Corporate Account number # 2638449, (780) 424-7709  ext. 286. 
Also, your supervisor needs this problem fixed right away, so you need to have this corrected quickly—be polite. 
Mindy checckmarkRemember
When you leave a message:
  • Use a moderate speech rate with an easy rhythm and pauses.

  • Enunciate numbers and essential information.

  • Speak with a pleasant tone of voice.

  • Only include necessary information.  This will ensure that your message is short and easy to understand.
Final Task 
When you are ready, record a voice message and play it for a friend or classmate
  •  Did your message follow the typical format?
  •  Did your partner understand the main points of your message? 
  •  Did the message have an appropriate tone  and register? 
  •  Was it too long/short? 
  •  Was only the appropriate information transmitted?

Great job and good luck with your voice mail messages!

Mindy Star

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