Section 5: Pronunciation-Rising Intonation

Rising Intonation

In colloquial, North American English it is common for speakers to use a rising intonation at certain points in their speech.  This technique has a variety of uses including conversation management, checking comprehension, pacing and emphasizing parts. 
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Task 1Noticing Exercise. Go to task 1: below, listen to the voice mail messages 1-6 again while reading along with the transcripts. Try to notice when the speakers use a rising intonation.

Task 2- Choose a Sentence. Go to task 2:quiz below,you will see several sentences from each message.  Listen to the messages again and choose the sentence which has a rising intonation. (You can choose more than one sentence for each message and some messages do not have any, choose "None of the above")
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Think about

When do speakers use this rising intonation technique?




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