Section 4: Formality



Formality, or register, affects the language, length, and speech rate of a voicemail message. 

Compare the following four greetings and consider (1) length and (2) vocabulary:
“Good morning John, my name is Michael and I am from Alberta Energy.  The reason for my call is...”
“Good afternoon Mr. Lopez, I’m Wayne Kelly and I’m calling from Data Electronics.  I’m calling today because…”
“Hey Mikey how’s it goin’?  It’s your best friend again.  I was wondering...”
“Cindy, what’s up, J.J. here.  Listen...”
Mindy Questionmark

Think about

Consider voicemail messages 1-6. 
  • How did they differ in terms of length, vocabulary and speech rate?
  • Which one would you consider to be the most informal one? Formal one?

White Mindy InstructionsInstructions

Click on the quiz link below. Read and rate the following sentences in the quiz as formal or informal.



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