Section 3: Message Structure


Voicemails messages are a frequent and “everyday” form of communication.  However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a structure: People are used to hearing a pattern in a voicemail message.
This pattern facilitates understanding, especially since the telephone may have poor sound quality.
Here are the parts of a typical voicemail message and in the order in which they usually appear:
Mindy phone wave

1. Greeting
2. Personal introduction
3. Background
4. Main purpose/goal
5. Contact information
6. Closing

Mindy Star Tips

  • A caller may omit a part if it is unnecessary. 
  • Also, a caller may choose to place one of the pieces of information in a different location in the order, or repeat information.

Mindy instructions


Click on the quiz link below. You will listen to each message and identify the parts , as well as decide in which order they appear in the voice mails.
Note: Not all parts will appear, some will appear more than once, and some may appear in a different order.
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